Carmel Elementary Staff Appreciation Week 2017

Let’s give our Staff many thanks!
Monday, May 1st – Friday, May 5th

Staff Appreciation Week is a time when we get to express our gratitude to the Staff at Carmel for all they do. Your PTA will have something fun for the Staff each day. See below for what you can personally do to thank our wonderful Staff!!

Monday: We DONUT know what we would do without our Staff!
Students send in Staff members’ favorite snack.

Tuesday: HANDS down we have the best Staff!
Students give Staff members a hand by bringing in a classroom supply.

Wednesday: Thanks y’all!
Students do a nice gesture for Staff members.

Thursday: We’re so LUCKY to have you at our school!
Students tell Staff members why they are lucky to have them by filling out this form. Cut it out and give it to the Staff member. Make copies if you would like.

Friday: Thanks a LATTE!
Students bring in Staff members’ favorite beverage.

So Many Ways to Support Carmel Elementary!

There are so many ways you can make a positive impact on your child and Carmel Elementary.